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First Art!

2010-11-03 14:38:30 by MADjohny

My first art is out so check it out and scout me.
I gonna upload another in a few days

Soon gonna post a screenshot of my movie im working on.


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2010-11-03 14:45:18

I said this for someone else. Copypasta is delicious.

If you want to be scouted, you need 4 art submissions.
When you're scouted all the art you've submitted appears in the portal.

MADjohny responds:

I dindt really know that,thx


2010-11-06 19:10:44

lol good post but you gotta check out this site that gives you FREE Xbox Live and PSN points before Microsoft or Sony shut it down! its called and ive been using it for awhile its great, especially with Black Ops on the way :P

MADjohny responds:

Go somewhere else and post your crap


2011-03-03 14:32:19

ur a solid inside liguid gives out gas =)