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First Art!

2010-11-03 14:38:30 by MADjohny

My first art is out so check it out and scout me.
I gonna upload another in a few days

Soon gonna post a screenshot of my movie im working on.

Work time

2010-10-18 14:16:24 by MADjohny

Been offline a bit,mustly cause of playing epic battle fantasy 3.Best RPG game on newgrounds.

Im looking for a music maker/composer/someone that makes music
And for a script guy,dont need to be expert,or advanced(Just good)
And someone that could make a site for MADproductions

Of course you will get payed,you will get the share from ads,contests
Scripting i need:
Home website

We will talk about that later
Im also looking for voice actors


Madness 2010!!!

2010-09-23 14:12:24 by MADjohny

Happy madness day 2010 everyone!!!
I hope you enjoyed my entry.
If you havent watched it then check my flash submitions.

Also looking for a loop to my entry,cus i dindt find one,yet

Looking for something for hallowen or Xmas.

Summer ended!!!

2010-09-01 15:03:39 by MADjohny

And the school has started,lol
I will start do some flash

More info=next week

Hi all!

2010-05-04 12:20:24 by MADjohny

I have been offline for a long time,its cause i started playing
Lords of War and Money

I also practiced drawing all the time,learned to draw better,color better and make shadows better.
Will start to make my best animation ever(my second :)) when the holiday starts,will chill and animate
Im sorry for all time offline and you can start waiting for my coming animation at the end of summer

Currently doing:
Writing this post :D

Wonder if i did right :D

Got cs!

2010-03-01 04:26:43 by MADjohny

I buyed a CSpackage!
cs:cz{deleted scenes}

i have day of defeat and deathmatch classic but i dindt like so i uninstalled it

My name on steam is:


2010-01-05 09:57:48 by MADjohny

I started to learn actionscript and i will make game later but for now if you want to make me happy
click here
If you would like to play a super strategical MMO
click here
Then click register.

Edit:OMFG!!I GOT OVER 1000 POINTS!(medals also)
Antoher Edit:over 2000 points

Its out now!

2010-01-02 06:43:44 by MADjohny

My first flash is out!
You can watch it here
Hope you like it!

New movie

2009-12-21 10:19:07 by MADjohny

I will make my first movie.
It will be called:
Park accidents

Im in making of the characters,backgrounds and objects.
I will sooner add a screenshot


2009-12-11 16:37:25 by MADjohny

Hi people from newgrounds!
What do you think about my AK?!